Born to Dance Nz Film:

The Twins are currently working on New Zealands first ever dance film called “Born To Dance” directed by Tammy Davis. In the film,The Oneill Twins are apart of a dance crew called “The Freaks”. Brooke plays as Paige, and Starce as Zara who are known as The Oneill Twins in the film.

‘Born to Dance’ is New Zealand’s first international hip-hop feature film staring Kherinton Payne, Stan Walker and Tia Maipi. Born To Dance is a coming of age tale told through the eyes of ‘Tu’ (Maipi), an ambitious young man from Auckland who dreams of being a professional hip hop dancer. It will be choreographed by NZ’s own international dance superstar Parris Goebel, while Tammy Davis will direct the feature, following from his award winning short films Ebony Society and Sonny, My Older Brother. Born to Dance will hit New Zealand cinemas in mid 2015.