In 2012 Brooke and Starce both joined The Palace Dance Studio and won GOLD in the “Mega Crew Division” at the World hip hop championships in Las Vegas. Being apart of The Royal Family has opened doors to many opportunities for the twins. Brooke was apart of Sorority Dance crew who placed 1st at regionals, 1st and nationals and won a silver medal at the World hip hop Champs 2012. Starce placed 1st regionals, 2nd at nationals and competed at the World hip hop championships also with her crew Misfits.

    • The Oneill Twins also competed with ReQuest Dance Crew at Body Rock (in San Diego) where they also came 1st in one of the largest competitions of international reknown. They were up against crews from all over the world and were grateful to take home a trophy even taller then them!
    • They have performed with the World-Famous Jennifer Lopez (JLo) on the Finale of American Idol Season 11 which is one of their greatest dance achievements to date. They also featured in her music video “I’m goin in” which has had world-wide viewing and acclaim.
    • The twins performed with Parris Goebel on the famous USA TV show “Dancing With the Stars” in 2012 along with other members of The Palace Dance Studio.
    • The Oneill Twins taught workshops all over Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine coast, Canberra and Sydney for THE INTENSIVE workshop run by Laurence Kaiwai this year, 2014. They were aslo privileged to perform at Underground – One of the Best Australian Club Dance Shows in Melbourne and Sydney. People literally got to party while watching some of the best dancers in Australia! The Twins also guest performed at the Step Off competition also held in Melbourne.
    • They are currently working on a New Zealand film called ‘Born To Dance’ where they have been given both and acting an dancing role. This is the first ever New Zealand dance film to be made, directed by Tammy Davis, a good friend of the Twins.
    • Brooke and Starce have judged dance competitions for a number of years all over New Zealand. Northland regionals, Auckland regionals, Nelson regionals, Groove competition etc…
    • The Oneill Twins dance roots (before joining The Palace Dance Co.) lie with various dance companies that they’ve been part of (Urband Dance, Dziah, LDC) where they were able to learn, hone and refine their craft as well as being part of many performing arts events and shows which helped them grow as dancers and choreographers. Brooke and Starce are both very passionate about dance and continually work on their artistry to better themselves. As the ladies say “We strive to push boundaries and create art through dance!”
    • The Twins have danced for P-Money (NZ Hip Hop DJ and Music Producer) a number of times this year. Their first gig with P-Money was at the annual New Years music festival, Rhythm and Vines also know and R&V. Performing for P-Money again gives the girls the opportunity to share their love of dance with an audience.
      “Dancing for P-Money is like dancing in a club…it’s the BEST! The vibe is great and the audience is pumping. He is respectful and such a genuine artist! Super talented!” the Twins say.
    • Brooke and Starce travelled to Melbourne this year to audition especially for American Superstar Ciara – American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model. They wanted to open for her show and so they did just that! The Twins auditioned with over 100 other candidates in Melbourne and took the only two spots on the table! The Twins say, “Immediatly after we performed we were watching her perform in awe. We look up to her as an Artist and would LOVE to work with her in the future.  Growing up listening to her music, to opening her club show in Melbourne is an AMAZING achievement for us. We are BLESSED!”


“I am the complete opposite to my twin, but when we dance together I feel in sync with her the whole time. We have differnt personalities and styles but thats what I love about us. Me and my sister are like ying and yang basically, which works perfectly because what I’m not so good at she will be good at.”


“I guess you could call me the sassy one. I’m very different to my twin in terms of personality and dance styles. We think alike but also have our different opinions which I think is a good thing. Becoming a duo is the best decision we have ever made together and are enjoying every minute of it.”



New Zealand’s dynamic dance duo The Oneill Twins are here to slay! We follow irrepressible sisters, The O’Neill Twins, as they take big steps into the music world to establish them both as a singing and hip-hop dancing force. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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